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in_flux / 2011
Occupy Space / Limerick


Finland 2012
Rajatila Gallery, Tampere
B-galleria, Turku
Oksasenkatu, Helsinki
Catalyst Arts, Belfast 2011

'In this work, Reilly has created audio pieces that reconstructs elements of pop music lying dormant in her, and perhaps, our memory.

In All we hear is more than words, she culls individual lines from from a myriad of tantalisingly familiar 80s & 90s pop hits. Singing these in sequence and retaining their original melody, she constructs new narratives into a frankenstein-like song.
In two other frustrating, but ultimately, not frustrated work, Hooks of my youth..., she struggles to remember and play tunes from the same period on childhood keyboards. Constantly falling off the musical horse, she perseveres from one honky victory to another.

In these pieces, Reilly addresses modern cultural memory, which forms a rapport with (as well as an affinity in) its audience by mediating through shared reminiscences.'

Davey Moor

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